kdp.tbg.countyparty.webTogether, The Bison Group, LLC and The Kansas Democratic Party have teamed up to offer County Parties organized and located within the state of Kansas the opportunity to have free websites. The Kansas Democratic Party has agreed to pay annually for the maintenance of up to two (2) unique domain names belonging to each county party organization; and, in  return, The Bison Group has agreed to provide design and hosting services for such websites.

Why Would The Bison Group Do This? And for Free?!

We know there’s a few who are suspicious of offerings of free stuff, particularly in politics. But let us try to explain this very simply: before we are political consultants, we are Democrats. We believe that the focus of voter contact, formerly on knocking doors and sending enough mail to make the forests cry, needs to be on using the web and social media to reach our voters. But, let’s be clear, we’re not saying you can stop knocking doors and stop sending mail; what we’re saying is you must do this, too.┬áReaching your voters can be done much more efficiently and much more affordably than with mail. Truth of the matter is, voters now spend more time per day on the internet than they do watching television or listening to the radio. We think it’s important that every county party become internet activists — from all corners of this great state. The only thing we ask in return for performing your design work and hosting your website is a small indicia in the lower corner of your website saying your site was built by The Bison Group, LLC. We require this even on the websites of even our paying clients.

Here’s the quick run-down on the Kansas Dems Web Partnership Program:

If you or somebody in your county party is interested in participating in the County Party Web Partnership Program, please take a moment to fill out this form. We’ll design and produce the websites in the order they are received here. If your county party is the last one to sign up, the truth is it will be several months before you will have a functioning website. So don’t delay in signing up for participation in the program.